Kyle Rittenhouse Clashes with WOKE MOB at Memphis College

Why Protesting Kyle Rittenhouse at Colleges is Blocking Black Students Growth

In recent news, Black Colleges have made headlines for their protests against Kyle Rittenhouse's scheduled appearance at Memphis University. The controversy surrounding this event raises critical questions about the state of intellectual discourse on college campuses and its impact on the development of black students.

Traditionally, colleges have been regarded as spaces for open dialogue and robust debate, where students are exposed to diverse viewpoints and challenged to think critically. However, the rise of what some describe as a "neo-extreme liberal mindset" threatens to stifle this intellectual exchange.

In his book "The Coddling of the American Mind," authors Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt discuss the emergence of a moral culture in which safety becomes a sacred value, prioritized above all else. This mindset leads to a reluctance to engage with ideas or individuals deemed controversial, as they may challenge students' sense of security.

While the desire for safety is understandable, it comes at a cost. By shielding students from uncomfortable or dissenting perspectives, colleges risk depriving them of the opportunity for intellectual growth and resilience-building. In the real world, individuals are often confronted with ideas that challenge their beliefs, and learning to navigate these encounters is essential for personal and professional success.

The protests against Rittenhouse's appearance highlight a broader trend of ideological censorship on college campuses, particularly among black colleges. By shutting down dialogue and silencing dissenting voices, these institutions may inadvertently hinder the academic and personal development of their students.

Moving forward, it is essential for colleges to reevaluate their approach to intellectual diversity and free expression. Rather than fostering an environment of ideological conformity, colleges should embrace a culture of open inquiry and respectful debate. Only through engagement with diverse perspectives can students develop the critical thinking skills and resilience needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Kyle Rittenhouse Clashes with WOKE MOB at Memphis College click here to watch the full video on Youtube 

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